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Member News: New Release — CARELESS

Member News Careless

Daniel Pease and Big City Press are excited to announce CARELESS! The first in the Leland Chase Mysteries. CARELESS, an Oregon Coast Book, is Daniel’s debut and much anticipated First Book in the PI Hard-Boiled series. Set in the fictional town of Tampico Bay, 1986, the stories are told as a memoire years later. For…

Member News: New Release — Goodbye Yellowstone Road

Member News: Goodbye Yellowstone Road

Portland writer, Tom Vandel, has recently released a debut collection of poems and vignettes titled Goodbye Yellowstone Road. The focus is on nostalgia, memories, and finding your way back home. Yes, you can get there, but you can’t go back the way you came. Tom Vandel has also written a crime noir novel (A Killer…

Member News: New Release — Entanglements

Now available in Kindle, softcover, and hardcover versions, Entanglements assembles a decade of short works by author, scientist, entrepreneur, and inventor Mark William Davis. Entanglements is for readers who are in love with ideas and the networks of language that support and enervate them. Mark William Davis is the author of three dozen scientific papers…

Member News: New Release — Cold Mirage

Cold Mirage release graphic

Cold Mirage, Book 2 in Kristina Bak’s YA Stevie series, is now available in paperback and ebook formats. It will have its public launch February 16 at Roundabout Books in Bend, Oregon. Stevie has come a long way since we met her in Book 1, Nowever, as a sixteen-year-old with a secret gift, searching for…

Member News: New Release — The Romanian Incident

Romanian Incident release graphic

The Romanian Incident is a locked door murder mystery set in a romantic hotel high in the mountains of Romania during the Cold War. When young KGB agent Polina Tolkunova arrives at the Hotel Teleki, she had no idea she would soon be facing not one, but two mysterious murders. She must now identify who…

Member News: New Podcast Episode — Across the Margin

Tom Snethen podcast graphic

Across the Margin podcast announces new episode with Willamette Writers member Tom Snethen. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Mr. Snethen has another captivating story, a fanciful tale about a hapless yet mystical burro that acts as a scathing critique of Corporate America: “Malco” by Tom Snethen. Find out more.

Member News: New Release — Phantom Cove

phantom cove release graphic

Kay Jennings announces that Phantom Cove, book 5 in her mystery/thriller series, released on November 17, 2022. Phantom Cove is part of the Port Stirling Mystery series set on the rugged southern Oregon coast, and follows Police Chief Matt Horning and his colleagues. While the local cast of characters continue and their relationships evolve, each…