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Member News: Author Event — Baggy Red Pants and Other Stories

Baggy Red Pants Event Graphic

Baggy Red Pants and Other Stories: Short Stories, Poems, Lyrics and Visual Art by 3 Hand Stephen (writer, performer, recording and visual artist, and singer/songwriter Stephen Cohen) was published by Wake-Robin Press on August 3rd. There will be an Annie Blooms Books virtual reading event on Zoom at 7 PM on September 20th. Find out…

Member News: New Release — Dread Watch

Dread Watch release graphic

Dread Watch is a middle grade supernatural thriller by Jared Agard, released on September 1st, 2021. Caleb Meyer stumbles upon an old pocketwatch in an abandoned railroad museum. Something about it makes him sure that, if he has it, the watch will take away all of his fears. But the watch is a trap concocted…

Member News: eBook — River Run

River Run Graphic

Amazon has chosen River Run by J. S. James as a Kindle Book Deal (priced at $1.99) beginning Aug. 9, 2021. Tell your friends. River Run is an explosive debut mystery for readers of Christine Carbo and Paul Doiron featuring a newly minted deputy thrust into the cutthroat world of hunting. This waterfowl season, the…

Member News: New Release — Guin the Emerald

Guin the Emerald Release Graphic

Portland author Louisa Kelley announces the release of the latest book in her WLW fantasy romance series, The Shift Series. Shape-shifting dragons in Portland, gorgeous women, intrigue, romance and mystery, plus a baby dragon! This book follows the acclaimed first book in the series, Fianna The Gold. Guin is on a mission in the Oregon…

Member News: New Release — Blue Song

Blue Song Release Graphic

Blue Song, Nancy Rhodes’ first published novel, released on May 19. Allie Bennett, fed up with a lackluster advertising position at a dying newspaper and a life choked by a traumatic relationship, purchases a one-way ticket to Chile. The plan to find and face that demon from her past goes awry when a group of…

Member News: New Release — Back Up

Back Up Release Graphic

Marshall Welch’s new novel, Back Up, released on July 1. This is the story of Bessie James — a singer/songwriter first introduced in the prequel Back Story who is living her life from the inside out. She takes a detour from her rocky road to fame and fortune. Along the way she encounters a number…

Member News: New Release — The Blossom of the Thar

The Blossom of the Thar Release Graphic

Oscar Z. Hutson’s new novel, The Blossom of the Thar, released June 6th. Rahoul Sharma wants to improve life in Thar desert in his native State of Rajasthan, India. His friend, Sohrabi Mirza, a Muslim girl of great beauty, shares his ideals. Using his engineering skills to implement solar power on a large scale, Rahoul…

Member News: Concise and Constructive Script Critique

Grant Rosenberg Script Critiques

For a limited time, Grant Rosenberg is offering detailed, concise script notes to help you polish your drama pilot or screenplay before you submit it to an agent, a producer, or a script competition. You’ll receive constructive comments on formatting, story, characters, pacing and dialogue. Also, a 30 minute zoom consultation to discuss the notes.…

Member News: New Release — The Director

The Director Release Graphic

Longtime Willamette Writer’s Guild member, Paul R. Letersky, has a new book coming out. The Director: My Years Assisting J. Edgar Hoover was published by Scribner/Simon and Schuster with a release date of July 13, 2021. Paul worked for two years as an assistant to Hoover, and then spent 5 years working as a Special…