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Dean Boom’s Fortress Angels Available

Dar is a wizard’s apprentice, a young man with a safe, obvious life before him. It’s a respectable position in the world of Holimoren, and it never occurs to him that it should be otherwise until he is ambushed, kidnapped, and impressed into an army so far from home he’s never heard of it. He…

Barry L. Becker Releases The Erickson Connection

THE ERICKSEN CONNECTION By Author, Barry L. Becker The Ericksen Connection is a Spy/Action/Suspense/Thriller which puts readers on the edge of their seats for a riveting, spellbound journey of twists and turns from start-to-finish! It is a story about betrayal, justice and redemption. It follows the path of Mark Ericksen, a former Navy SEAL Team-Six…

Nancy Woods Releases New Book

Nancy Woods has released Under the Influence of Tall Trees: Humorous Tales from a Pacific Northwest Writer, a book of quirky personal essays on the challenges of finding her true work, family and home in the Pacific Northwest. Whether arguing with The Other Phone Company, seeking out the perfect dancing dress for her young daughter…

Judith Works’ Blog and Book Trailer

Member Judith Works’ blog features travel stories with many about Rome, the setting for both her novel City of Illusions and her memoir, Coins in the Fountain. Her blog can be found at Check out the book trailer for City of Illusions on YouTube.