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Cohort Update: Author Profile — Maya Bairey

Authors Cohort Header

By B. Zelkovich Maya Bairey is a native Pacific Northwest author. Her skill has been honed for three decades, culminating in her debut novel, Painting Celia. Maya’s stories draw from her lived experiences of multi-cultural family, LGBTQ+ identity, and street art activism. Underlying themes of trauma, expression, and families of choice are told with poetic…

Cohort Update: Author Profile — Jeanne Anderson

Authors Cohort Header

By Eliza Drummond Jeanne Anderson (M.Sc. Sp. Ed.) continues to write young adult novels for her eighteen grandchildren.  She enjoys trying to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle that are the different characters her grandkids want to play: a dinosaur trainer and an evil villain;  Princess Tilly, who may end up getting a…

Cohort Update: Author Profile — B. Zelkovich

Authors Cohort Header

By Maya Bairey B. Zelkovich has stories to tell. People show up in her head, and then it gets weird. The last Willamette Writers Cohort, her third, gave B. the time and structure that gets those people onto the page. She came out of it with nearly 40,000 words of a period horror novel, exploring…

Cohort Update: Author Profile — Eliza Drummond

Author Cohort 2022

By Jeanne Anderson Eliza Drummond, MAAT, continues to percolate stories about ordinary family objects, some of which are quite extraordinary. They range from a “snake oil” bottle to a basket to a beautiful yellow bread bowl. The stories will intertwine into a fascinating family history. Now that Eliza and her husband are no longer traveling…

Member News: New Release — Surroga City

Surroga City Member News Graphic

L. Wade Powers is excited to announce his newest novel, Surroga City, Perfect Societies Require Perfect Humans. In the year 2042, megacities are ruled by women, the International Progressive Gynocracy (IPG), after a global pandemic sterilizes over 98 percent of the men. Selected fertile males reside in sequestered androdomes or male harems. Freemen groups living…

Member News: New Release — Aromatic Perceptions

member News, Aromatic Perceptions

Vincent Blaison and Resource Publications are thrilled to announce Aromatic Perceptions, Vincent’s new book of poems. To hear Vincent tell it “This collection of poetry takes you through a grand journey of reflection, growth, and a path to finding truth. Through many life experiences God presents many lessons filled with endless wisdom and these poems…

Member News: New Release — Keep Me Forever by Elsa Wolf

Keep Me Forever MN Announcement

Elsa Wolf is pleased to present her newest novel, Keep Me Forever. An authentic and provocative look at the perils of a young man named Jim who is struggling with PTSD. A tale inspired by a real character, and turned into a fictionalized version of the life he could have had with an enchanting, magical…

Member News: New Release — CARELESS

Member News Careless

Daniel Pease and Big City Press are excited to announce CARELESS! The first in the Leland Chase Mysteries. CARELESS, an Oregon Coast Book, is Daniel’s debut and much anticipated First Book in the PI Hard-Boiled series. Set in the fictional town of Tampico Bay, 1986, the stories are told as a memoire years later. For…

Member News: New Release — Goodbye Yellowstone Road

Member News: Goodbye Yellowstone Road

Portland writer, Tom Vandel, has recently released a debut collection of poems and vignettes titled Goodbye Yellowstone Road. The focus is on nostalgia, memories, and finding your way back home. Yes, you can get there, but you can’t go back the way you came. Tom Vandel has also written a crime noir novel (A Killer…