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Member News: New Release — Flyboy and the Light-Speed Rangers

Flyboy and the Lightspeed Rangers release graphic

Wayne Edward Hanson’s new novel, Flyboy and the Light-Speed Rangers, has just released. Ambrose Biggle — weeding his artichokes one afternoon — was hit by lightning. He floundered in what appeared to be warm snow, struggling to put white thoughts together as strange ideas leaked in. One of those ideas became the Biggle Drive –…

Member News: New Release — Frigg’s Journey to Anasgar

Frigg's Journey to Anasgar release graphic

Vancouver author Deb Cushman is excited to announce the release of her debut children’s middle-grade novel Frigg’s Journey to Anasgar available September 8, 2022. Frigg’s Journey to Anasgar is the first book of an exciting new middle-grade fantasy series, Chronicles of Nadavir, that will follow a group of magical friends on journeys of adventure and…

Member News: Award Winner — H. W. “Buzz” Bernard

The Raiders of Shangri-La award graphic

H. W. “Buzz” Bernard was awarded a Gold Medal by the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) for his novel When Heroes Flew: The Shangri-La Raiders. The award was presented August 27 at the MWSA’s annual conference held this year in New Orleans, Louisiana. The novel is set against the legendary Jimmy Doolittle bombing raid…

Member News: New Release — Seal Rock Sound

Seal Rock Sound release graphic

Sue Fagalde Lick, co-founder of Willamette Writers’ coast chapter, has published Seal Rock Sound, the sequel to her novel Up Beaver Creek. PD is back! Both novels take place on the central coast between Newport and Waldport. PD Soares survived the death of her husband, relocation to Oregon, and the disasters that occurred shortly after…

Member News: New Release — Darts and Flowers

Darts and Flowers Release graphic

Dean Backus’ novel Darts and Flowers is a new release from Torchflame Books. When Zack Standish heads to his first day of junior year at Watson Academy, he’s stunned that his childhood best friend Josh has returned to Seattle. He’s even more shocked when Josh reveals he’s gay, and has his eyes set on Brian,…

Member News: New Release — Hawkeye Ridge

Hawkeye Ridge Release Graphic

Author G. D. Covert extends a huge thanks to Kathy Saviers and the Willamette Writers. A recent revision of Covert’s novel Hawkeye Ridge is now available. Kathy’s encouragement and guidance helped move Hawkeye Ridge and the upcoming series to a more professional look. Other books in the series follow soon. U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Commander…

Member News: New Release — Writer’s Guide to Medicine Vol. 2

Writer's Guide to Medicine Vol 2 Release Graphic

The second volume of the Writer’s Guide to Medicine series, Illness & Injury, by Natalie Dale, MD, is here! Published by Ranunculus Press, the anticipated second volume launched on July 31, 2022. Volume 2: Illness & Injury is packed with straightforward, practical, and sometimes hilarious advice that will transform your writing about medicine from a…

Member News: New Release — Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets release graphic

When light shines on something, it casts a shadow. This novel is about the shadow cast on a family and a country when light shines on its past. Lena Larsson, a young American student and aspiring writer, at the Sorbonne in Paris, was raised by her domineering Swedish Grandmother, Helga, and her stoic seamstress mother,…