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Member News: New Release — Pearl Harbor’s Final Warning

Pearl Harbor's Final Warning Release Graphic

Valarie J Anderson’s Pearl Harbor’s Final Warning published on August 29th. On 7 December 1941, Washington sent a message to its Pacific outposts about a potential Japanese attack. All but Pearl Harbor received it in time to prepare. New information from the archives of George Street, District Manager of RCA-Honolulu, exposes the fatal flaws that…

Member News: New Release — Uncle Joe’s Muse

Uncle Joe's Muse Release Graphic

Micah Thorp’s novel Uncle Joe’s Muse is being released in early 2022 by Open Books. The members of Uncle Joe’s Band have spent years playing any venue that will pay for their unintelligible metal band performances while their rock and roll lifestyle has left them with bad livers, multiple divorces, and living in a squalid…

Member News: Magazine Publication — Pobre Maria

Pobre Maria Publication Graphic

A short story by WW member Tom Larsen appears in the January/February issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This is Tom’s eighth story to appear in the magazine. “Pobre Maria” features the recurring character Capitán Ernesto Guillén of Ecuador’s Policía Nacional.

Member News: New Release — Out of the Box

Out of the Box release graphic

A new Memoir is available from late WW member, Patricia B. Collins. After 25 years of writing, editing, taking workshops, getting feedback, and many iterations, and finally with the dedication of Patti’s two daughters Michelle Mathews and Jennifer Hennig after Patti passed away May 2020, the memoir of Patricia Bauer Collins, R.N., has been published…

Member News: New Release — Humanity’s Grace

Humanity's Grace release graphic

Salty air, low lying clouds, and crooning of seagulls near the towering Astoria Column and the flowing Columbia River set the scene for Humanity’s Grace: A Linked Collection of Short Stories by Dede Montgomery [978-1-949290-72-1, GusGus Press, Bedazzled Ink, January 2022]. Montgomery intertwines the lives of several characters from her previous novel with the lives…

Member News: New Release — Bloody Paws

Bloody Paws release graphic

The tragedy of homelessness in America is the heart of Bloody Paws, a detective story featuring veterinarians with dog euthanasia drugs and a pet crematory. Publisher Black Rose Writing released Bloody Paws worldwide on Nov. 24, 2021. A disturbing portrait of the unsheltered, that is both heart-wrenching and horrifying, emerges as Oregon Veterinarians Jim Briggs…

Member News: Journal Publication — The Floor Above

The Floor Above: The Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 9 was published on November 21. Robin Layne contributed 1 short fiction story, Losing Our Religion; 1 short memoir, Math Anxiety; and 2 poems, The Deserted House and From the Valley of the Smoke (which placed 3rd in a Writers’ Mill monthly contest in 2020). She was…

Member News: Writing Program — The Forge

Th Forge Workshop Image

The Forge is a 10-month online writing program starting in January of 2022. Here at the Forge, you bring the fire — your love of creative writing — and we help shape you into the writer you want to be: confident, keen, and committed to a writing community. Through bi-weekly meetings and individual mentorships, we’ll…

Member News: New Release — 25¢ a Cup

25¢ a Cup Release Graphic

25¢ a Cup: Finding Paris in India by Brian Thomas released on November 7. Brian Thomas’ dream was to write and photograph in the bohemian Paris of the late 1920s, the city loved by Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, and the photographer, Brassaï. While Paris had no place in 2020 for aspiring artists, Thomas had found…