Online Critique Groups

Can’t find a critique group that’s in your area or in your genre? Start one of your own!

Looking for help with a writing project? Want to improve your craft?

Join an Online Critique Group!

Small, personal critique groups can be the best way to improve your writing.

If you’re new to critique, joining an existing group is usually the best approach. You can later branch out and establish a new group that may better suit your needs. That said, if you can’t find a group that works for you or if the ones you try don’t fit your needs – start a group!

All Critique Groups are online throughout the pandemic

Throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Willamette Writers is offering to connect writers to critique groups hosted online via Zoom or similar platforms. Willamette Writers programming will remain exclusively online until at least the end of 2021, and there are currently plans to reassess going back to in person programming in 2022.

General details (Varies from group to group)

Please note, these groups are not managed by Willamette Writers. These groups are run by members. Each group has their own rules, and Willamette Writers does not schedule or set up these meetings, but we do support their formation.

Members are forming online critique groups limited to 8 people, where everyone must read a least once every 6-8 weeks or leave the group. The online group will be long term, even after the quarantine is lifted, with writers actively participating at each session. The groups will be divided by skill level/experience.

Most likely the meetings will be via Zoom, either weekly for 45 mins or bi-monthly for 1.5 hours. The weekly group would be two ten minute reads each followed by ten-minute critiques. The monthly version would be four ten minute reads each followed by ten-minute critiques.

If you’re interested, please email us with answers to these questions:

  1. Name you wish to go by
  2. Do you consider yourself:
    a. Beginner Writer (never published)
    b. Intermediate Writer (some work published or self published)
    c. Advanced Writer (published by more than one national publication.)
    Of course there will be borderline answers. Do your best to categorize yourself.
  3. Are you willing to lead or share leadership of a group?