Young Willamette Writers – For Writers Ages 13-18

Why join YWW?

  • Monthly workshops with published authors!
  • Submissions to the Young Willamette Writers yearly journal!
  • Opportunity to attend the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland in August!

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."  - Groucho Marx

Young Willamette Writers are young people who love to write.

Young Willamette Writers welcomes any students from 13 to 18 years old. Some of our YWW  have entered and won contests such as the Kay Snow Writing Award and a National Scholastic Writing Award. Some have been published in magazines such as American Girl and Stone Soup. Some are taking their first steps in writing. 

Young Willamette Writers currently offers programming in two locations: Portland and Southern Oregon (Central Point).

The cost of becoming a member of Young Willamette Writers is $20.00 per year and monthly meetings are free of charge.

Young Willamette Writers Meetings

Young Willamette Writers are invited to attend monthly Young Willamette Writers meetings in their area (there are no meetings in July or August. Check your local chapter for any December events).

Meetings are for kids aged  13 to 18 years of age.

Portland Meeting:

Portland has an excellent meeting that is held at the same time and place as the adult Willamette Writers meetings on the first Tuesday of the month from September through June. We meet from 7 – 8 p.m. at The Old Church in downtown Portland at SW 11th and Clay.

Central Point Meeting:

Meets the first Saturday of each month in Central Point.  Meetings are held from 10 a.m. until noon in the Central Point Library - 116 South 3rd Street, Central Point, OR 97520. This meeting serves the region from Grants Pass to Ashland and is for kids aged  13 to 18 years of age.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming events at this time.

The People Who Make Young Willamette Writers Happen

Young Willamette Writers Program Leaders

Each group of Young Willamette Writers is lead by a program leader who is in charge of building the program, publicizing events, communicating with the program members to help them make the most of their program membership.

Teresa Klepinger - Portland Young Willamette Writers Program Leader

Teresa KlepingerTeresa Klepinger believes a dose of imagination can improve just about anything. Her love of storytelling began with “Genie” bedtime stories told by her father, continued through years of teaching elementary school, and stays close to her heart today. She has published Cliffhanger Writing Prompts, and Story-Writing Sandwich Prompts with Scholastic Teaching Resources, and writes picture books, all with the imagination at the heart of the story.

Teresa first connected with the Portland Young Willamette writers when she brought her daughter and a car-load of friends to meetings. Eventually she took over the program and has served as its leader for over five years. She never gets tired of witnessing the students’ imaginations soar, whether they’re writing a scene, a story, or a script.

Teresa lives in Sherwood where she enjoys the company of a creative husband, two imaginative daughters, and one, um, dog.

You can find out more about Teresa Klepinger on Facebook here.

Heather Ransom - Southern Oregon Young Willamette Writers Program Leaderd

A science teacher for twenty-five years, Heather has worked with thousands of young adults. In class, studying current innovations, they imagine together what their futures might hold, telling stories about world-changing advances in science and technology. This has been the birthplace for Heather’s YA science fiction novels, Going Green (3/2017), Greener (7/2018), and Back to Green (2019).

But Heather’s love of storytelling began much earlier with her mother describing incredible, fanciful adventures. Here, Heather became the character. She fell in love with being immersed in a world feeling so real she never wanted to leave. This is what Heather hopes to bring to her readers.

Besides teaching and writing, Heather enjoys spending time with her dream man, Marv, and their two amazing kids, Danielle and Marvin. Living in Grants Pass, Oregon, she loves playing in the beautiful outdoors and helping at their local businesses, a pizza pub and cigar shop.

Find out more: on her website; on Facebook @heathersransom; on Twitter: @heathersransom.

Young Willamette Writers Blog Posts and Updates

Happy April to YWW!

FUN STUFF FOR APRIL! Author Quote of the Month: It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly. ~C.J. Cherryh~ Writing Prompt of the Month: How can you tell when someone your age is feeling insecure? Are most people more insecure or anxious than they let on? Writing Advice for April: As…

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Crafting Mysteries With Cat Winters

At our next Young Willamette Writers meeting, young adult author Cat Winters will join us to discuss crafting mysteries. Cat Winters is a critically acclaimed, award-winning author of four novels for teens: In the Shadow of Blackbirds, The Cure for Dreaming, The Steep and Thorny Way, and Odd & True. She is also the author…

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What’s New @ Young Willamette Writers? March, 2018

Spring holds in its hand the promise of what is possible. I’ve been watching the news, watching young people find their voice and take a stand. They are the hope of spring– young, new, filled with the ideals of possibility that some adults seem to have forgotten. Tears easily come to my eyes when I…

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What’s New @ Young Willamette Writers? February, 2018

Happy February. What are your writing this month?  Are you working on a short story or a novel?  Essays or book reports?  Valentine’s Day month is a good time for poetry. Writing takes on many forms, and growing as a writer means trying all of them to see what sparks your passion.  Even though I…

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Young Willamette Writers Prepare for New Year

YWW’s at the Conference The Young Willamette Writers closed out the summer spectacularly when six members spent a day at the Willamette Writers Conference on August 12. They attended four workshops ranging from world-building in science fiction and fantasy, to creating characters with memorable internal conflict. They had informal across-the-table conversations with four fantastic VIP’s…

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Young Willamette Writers Gear Up For Conference

On August 12, seven Young Willamette Writers members will attend the Willamette Writers Conference, ready to hit the ground running. These great young writers took the extra step over the last year to join our membership program. They have attended at least four meetings during the last school year, have worked on their skills with…

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Barnes & Noble Book Fair: Come support Books For Kids and Willamette Writers!

Come join Willamette Writers at Barnes & Noble, Clackamas Town Center for our Holiday Book Fair to support Books for Kids on December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. You can meet and greet several local authors and help support Willamette Writers and its Book For Kids Program with every book you buy, in the store or online.…

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