Member News: New Release- Painting Celia by Maya Bairey

“Lingua Ink Books and author Maya Bairey are proud to announce the launch of “”Painting Celia”” on May 11, 2024. A stunning contemporary romance novel that will leave you breathless, “”Painting Celia”” resonates with its relatable story about growth and love.

“”You can live in my pool house, if you’ll teach me to paint.””

Living alone in her bare mansion in LA’s Hollywood Hills, gentle Celia takes up art therapy, hoping it will soothe the deep scars of her past. Each failed artwork deepens her fear of losing to depression, like her father.

León, an intense painter struggling with a creative block, empties his savings to move to LA in search of new visions. He needs a cheap studio and some raw, authentic inspiration—his dreams and future as an artist depend on it.

Brought together by their colorful mutual friends, Celia offers León a chance to live in her pool house for free if he teaches her to paint. As he becomes her infatuated teacher and she his reluctant muse, both are laid bare by their pursuit of honest art. Could the desperate creativity that drew them together also rip them apart?

Maya extends deep thanks to her friends at Willamette Writers for the unwavering support via critique groups, conventions, and inspiring late-night cohort sprints, which have been pivotal in her journey.”

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