Month of Mastery: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Month of Mastery?

A guided, accountable, virtual community to support a writer's November creative project, with activities starting in late October and lasting into early December.  You'll join and do your part to sustain a like-minded group of writers from all over Oregon and beyond, all working toward a goal that is like yours: to start and finish a creative project in the fall of 2020.

Where do I register?

You can find registration and more information here.

How is Month of Mastery structured?

Month of Mastery is comprised of 3 Workshop events, taking place on Saturdays in late October, mid-November, and early December, and themed, writing-centered Cohorts that meet throughout each week of November.

Can you sign up for the complete experience?

Yes.  The $90 member/$100 guest price guarantees you all Workshops and unlocks access to Cohorts (unless that cohort has reached full capacity).

What does the complete experience look like?  

Workshops take place on October 24 (9:30-12:30 PST), November 14 (12-3 PST), and December 5 (9:30-12:30 PST). The first 90 minutes of each Workshop are devoted to an expert presentation, and then 90 minutes with Cohorts--Workshop reflections, facilitated conversations, and writing time.  Each Cohort will meet once weekly at a set time, for about 90 minutes, with each Cohort offering a different theme or inspiration.

October 24 is Trevor Dodge presenting on Getting Started; November 14 is Susan DeFreitas presenting on Conquering Writer's Block; December 5 is Karen Karbo presenting on What's Next- Time to Edit.

Can you just sign up for individual Workshops?

Yes - you can sign up for individual Workshops, $30 member/$40 guest each. However, at this time, only those who sign up for all workshops will be eligible to join a cohort group.

Can you join all Cohorts?

Yes! When registering, please select a 'Home' cohort. You will be allowed to visit all cohort groups as you wish.

Can you just sign up for Cohorts?

No. Signing up for the Workshop series unlocks access to a month of Cohorts.

Who is leading the Cohorts, and when do they meet?

Cohorts are led by Willamette Writers members.  They meet at different days and different times, and they each have an individual theme, toward writing for the bulk of each session.