Our Organization In-Depth

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Our financial information

At Willamette Writers, we strive to share our financial information so that our members can see how we are building community and our donors know how their donations are supporting our programming. We regularly file our returns in October, following our annual conference. Please feel free to email the board with any questions about our filings.

Our Non-profit Status

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a focus on education. Our EIN is 93-0758252.

All donations to Willamette Writers are tax-deductible and appreciated. Our IRS determination letter is included below.

Our By-Laws

Our by-laws are the rules we use to govern our organization. They are developed over time and approved by the board. Throughout our history (over 50 years!), our by-laws have changed to reflect the needs of our community and the expectations of our membership. Below you will find the most recent version of our by-laws.

Our board meetings

Our board meetings are open to Willamette Writers members. We meet online or in-person on the last Tuesday of most months. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, please fill out this form (https://bit.ly/2ma0mcg), and our secretary will contact you with details.

Board meeting minutes

We have worked toward digitizing many of our meeting minutes. If you would like to request specific board meeting minutes that are not available below, please email our secretary.