Short Story Publication — El Chico Maravilla

El Chico Maravilla Publication Image

Check out Tom Larsen’s new short story, “El Chico Maravilla,” featuring Ecuadorian police captain Ernesto Guillén in the July / August issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Read what happens when Capitán Guillén finds himself set up to take the fall for a murder.

Author Event — Bookselling with Author Event Network

Author Event Network Image

Sell your books at the NW Garage event in Vancouver on 7/2/2022, with the Author Event Network! Find info below from member Andrew Sweet: Want to sell some books? At AEN, we’ve been successful selling at non-author events like festivals and the like. The booth fees are pretty significant for many such events, and Guy…

New Release — Of the Forest

Of the Forest Release Image

Linda Ferguson’s new chapbook, Of the Forest, was the second-place winner of The Poetry Box Annual Chapbook Prize 2021 and is available at Annie Bloom’s Books and The Poetry Box. A story of three siblings, a spouse, and a surname, Of the Forest weaves poems that hint of danger while also celebrating love… and the…

New Release — Dark Sand

Dark Sand Release Image

Book #4 in the Port Stirling Mystery series, Dark Sand, released in March from author Kay Jennings. Police chief Matt Horning thought life in Port Stirling, Oregon was returning to normal after the earthquake. He was dead wrong. One of the world’s leading geologists, British Lord Phineas Stuart, has gone missing in this classic whodunnit.…

New Release — Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Release Image

Tiffany Dickinson has released Kaleidoscope, a middle-grade novel set in Portland in 1980. This coming-of-age historical novel is a warm and funny read starring Tabby, a bi-racial 12-year-old, and her eclectic group of friends. While navigating the typical 7th grade stressors of friends, family, and boys, Tabby struggles to determine who she really is as…

New Release — Blood Sapphire’s Revenge

Blood Sapphire's Revenge Release Image

Book publisher Epigraph announced the release and worldwide availability of Blood Sapphire’s Revenge — the new military thriller novel by author Dr. Bruce Farmer in eBook, audiobook, softcover and hardcover formats. Mixing questions of faith and existential fate with an exploration of resiliency, human struggle and fortitude in the face of extreme pressure, Blood Sapphire’s…

New Release — The Model Spy

The Model Spy Release Image

Maryka Biaggio’s The Model Spy was released by Sunbury Press March 2022. The Model Spy is based on the true story of Toto Koopman, who spied for the Allies and Italian Resistance during World War II. Largely unknown today, Toto was arguably the first woman to spy for the British Intelligence Service. Operating in the…

New Release — Toxic Soup

Toxic Soup Release Image

Toxic Soup by RR Rowley is a new environmental thriller set in the Columbia River Gorge. Toxic waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation has been poisoning for more than six decades. When her brother dies working at Hanford, Casey swears revenge. But, how can she take on the fortress of a facility? After confiding in…

Essay Publication — The Letter

The Letter Publication Image

The RavensPerch literary journal includes a new essay by Linda Caradine. Her essay, The Letter, reflects on a curious and alarming turn of events in Caradine’s life. The issue is available online now. Caradine’s memoir is scheduled for publication by Unsolicited Press in April 2024.

New Release — Reaping the Whirlwind

Reaping the Whirlwind Release Image

Robert E. Boertien has signed a contract with Two Gun Publishing to produce five western novels. The first novel, Reaping the Whirlwind, set in Oregon, is available in either paperback or ebook format. Gold coins minted to commemorate the Lewis and Clark Exposition have been stolen, and it is left to Special Deputy Jennie Palmer…