Community New: Got News – Member News is Sharing the Love :)

For those of you who may not know me, I am Angela C. Atkinson, the Member News Team Coordinator. I would love to help you share your journey with the other members of Willamette Writers.

Here at Willamette Writers, we LOVE good news and are happy to help you spread the word. Willamette Writers members have repeatedly stated that they love reading member news.

But have you ever wondered- How did they do that? How do I get myself on the dispatch email? Member News Team is there to help you with that.

Accepted member announcements are shared in our Willamette Writers Dispatch email newsletter. We also attempt to share announcements on our website and social media, but we can’t include all announcements.

Announcements are an opportunity to share your achievements, events, and activities relating to your writing life. They are not meant to be a place to sell, recommend, pitch, teach, preach, or share writing & excerpts. No profanity/strong language, or depictions of violence, sex, or substance abuse in the actual announcement. Please use common sense: our emails reach a wide and diverse audience. If you’re not sure, ask.

Please note that your announcement cannot imply that Willamette Writers endorses your product/service.


Members and nonmembers are invited to submit paid announcements according to the guidelines and fees stated on our website. We reserve the right to choose which announcements we share.

Paid announcements are shared via our Dispatch email announcements. Please email us to inquire about other advertising opportunities, including our print programs and the Timberline Review.


Willamette Writers shares information about writing-related events and opportunities from nonprofits and community groups. We reserve the right to choose the announcements we share. Please email us for more about announcements.


Head on over to the Willamette Writers website, and click on members, there select Submit member Announcement and simply fill out the form. YOu can also follow this link to make it super easy :).

Once we get your request, and it is accepted, you will be notified of when to expect to see it on Member News page.

THANK YOU & Happy Creating 🙂

Angela Atkinson and the Member News Team