Willamette Writers 2016 Conference – Member Promoter Opportunity


At Willamette Writers we always look for new ways to help support our members, and this year we wondered how we could highlight the authors, poets, playwrights, and screenwriters who make up Willamette Writers as we promote the Willamette Writers Conference. Then we were struck by an idea!

We invite our members (YOU!) join our conference promotion team and be honored on the Willamette Writers website.

Members who wish to join the promotion team and become a member promoter should start by filling out the form below. Member promoters will then spread the word about the conference by liking, commenting, and sharing posts about the conference on their social media channels.
Willamette Writers will honor member promoters on the Willamette Writers website (and other channels, to be announced):
  • We’ll provide a link to your author website, Amazon author page, or any other promotional site each member promoter prefers.
  • We’ll also link to a social media page such as your Facebook page/profile and twitter handle.
We’ll send out an email letting all our member promoters know when to start promoting the conference, and we’ll game-ify it by checking the hashtags on a regular basis and moving the writers who promote the conference most frequently to the top of the page. It will be fun, it will promote our conference, and it will get our writers some attention.

To become one of the Willamette Writers Conference 2016 Member Promoters, just fill out the form HERE.

[Update: The group is up and running! After you sign up using the form in the link above, come check out the list HERE and see how your name and sites will be advertised because you support the Willamette Writers Conference!]