Words Have Value

  • Kate Ristau

    Kate Ristau

    Author, Essayist, Educator

  • Pam Wells

    Pam Wells

    Editor, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

  • Waka T. Brown

    Waka T. Brown

    Screenwriter, Essayist, Curriculum Specialist

  • Lois Ruskai Melina

    Lois Ruskai Melina

    Author, Essayist, Educator

  • Ellen Urbani

    Ellen Urbani

    Author, Lecturer, Educator

  • Eric Witchey

    Eric Witchey

    Writer, Educator, Consultant

  • William Hertling

    William Hertling

    Author, Software Developer

  • Laura Klepinger

    Lauren Klepinger

    Student, Blogger, Editor

  • Tina Connolly

    Tina Connolly

    Author, Playwright, Podcaster

  • Randall Jahnson

    Randall Jahnson

    Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Educator

  • Peter R. Field

    Peter R. Field

    Screenwriter, Publisher

  • John Clark Vincent

    John Clark Vincent

    Writer, Poet

Attend the Willamette Writers Conference to meet members like these, in roles ranging from keynotes to faculty to attendees.

What is the value of your words this year?

Will they take your established writing career to the next level? Will they break you in to the world of publishing? Will they put your story in the public eye to delight, inform, and influence the world? Will they simply start their journey as you experience your personal introduction to the craft and culture of professional writing?

Wherever your words take you in 2017, the Willamette Writers Conference is the premier stop on the journey. We've brought together teachers, speakers, writers, agents, editors and producers from across North America to create a world-class curriculum for beginning and advanced writers alike. We've also gathered a collection of editors, web designers, layout specialists and similar professionals who make their own living helping writers make their living. They'll be on hand to assess your work and advise you on what to do next.

We are Willamette Writers. Our words matter. So do yours.

Join us and give your words what they need.



There’s a time and a place for everything.



Eight study tracks featuring 60 instructors.



Industry pros can help advance your career.



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