• Kate Ristau

    Kate Ristau

    Author, Essayist, Educator

  • Pam Wells

    Pam Wells

    Editor, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

  • Waka T. Brown

    Waka T. Brown

    Screenwriter, Essayist, Curriculum Specialist

  • Lois Ruskai Melina

    Lois Ruskai Melina

    Author, Essayist, Educator

  • Ellen Urbani

    Ellen Urbani

    Author, Lecturer, Educator

  • Eric Witchey

    Eric Witchey

    Writer, Educator, Consultant

  • William Hertling

    William Hertling

    Author, Software Developer

  • Laura Klepinger

    Lauren Klepinger

    Student, Blogger, Editor

  • Tina Connolly

    Tina Connolly

    Author, Playwright, Podcaster

  • Randall Jahnson

    Randall Jahnson

    Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Educator

  • Peter R. Field

    Peter R. Field

    Screenwriter, Publisher

  • John Clark Vincent

    John Clark Vincent

    Writer, Poet

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Music Comes to the Conference

Honey Divers

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Jane Friedman Keynote on Friday

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