Are You Ready? The Sheraton Portland Airport Is Getting Ready for the Willamette Writers Conference

The 2017 Willamette Writers Conference is five months away and our beloved Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel is doing quite a bit of sprucing up. They have big plans for a complete makeover for 2017 and we wanted to give you a heads-up on what to look forward to this August, as we as share the room reservation link set up for our conference at the hotel.

Renovations are already underway. By April all the guest rooms will be completely renovated. By May the renovations will spread to the restaurant, and by June to the lobby, which will be redone and expanded to include more seating areas for networking. See the pictures to get a better idea of what to expect. The Airport Sheraton Hotel is really pulling out all the stops this year, and we are thrilled that we get to enjoy these lovely changes at the 2017 conference.

The 2017 conference will take place on August 4-6, with some events on the evening of Thursday, August 3rd. Registration will open by April 1st, initially for current Willamette Writers members and later to the public.

If you are ready to book your stay, please click here to visit the Willamette Writers Conference area on the hotel’s website.

We simply cannot wait to see everyone for another remarkable year of learning and growing together. We promise more details soon!

Jalyn Gilmore

I am a novice writer with horrible sleeping habits. I am currently pursing my BA in English with the hopes that all these sleepless nights chipping away at my youth will one day "pay off". I hail from the land of southern California, a land of little water and delicious food and even better theme parks. I am partial to purples and blues but a good pink also hits the spot. I look to the moon for celestial guidance and respect her as history's oldest feminist. I believe there is a book for everyone, not just any any book, but a book that fuels the soul, revs the heart's engine and ignites the fire of the future.