Jalyn Gilmore

I am a novice writer with horrible sleeping habits. I am currently pursing my BA in English with the hopes that all these sleepless nights chipping away at my youth will one day "pay off". I hail from the land of southern California, a land of little water and delicious food and even better theme parks. I am partial to purples and blues but a good pink also hits the spot. I look to the moon for celestial guidance and respect her as history's oldest feminist. I believe there is a book for everyone, not just any any book, but a book that fuels the soul, revs the heart's engine and ignites the fire of the future.

Willamette Writers at Wordstocks 2016: Books and Authors

Willamette Writers will be at Wordstock: Portland’s Book Festival on Saturday, November 5th. We will be in booth #17 and this year we invited some Willamette Writers members to join us. Here’s an almost complete list! Author: Sherry Smith The Wolf and the Shield Ever since Kieran’s father’s death, he’s tried to take care of his mother and little brother.…