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Online: Kickstarter with Russell Nohelty

Online Portland, OR, United States

Corvallis and Coast Chapters present Russell Nohelty - Fund Your Book with Kickstarter Kickstarter is a cruel mistress. On one hand, it's given creatives the ability to launch products directly to their audience. On the other, the competition is fierce, and launching a successful project gets harder each and every day. Even worse, every minute you…

Hybrid Eugene: Personal Essays with Melissa Hart

Wordcrafters 438 Charnelton, Suite 101 Eugene 438 Charnelton, Suite 101, Eugene

Willamette Writers Eugene presents: Share Your Story to write personal essays to build your audience and earn a paycheck In this lively and supportive presentation, Eugene-based journalist and author Melissa Hart teaches you to identify the story-worthy elements of your life and craft them into marketable pieces for print and online publication. Join us on…

Online Corvallis & Southern: Creating While Aging with Priscilla Long

Willamette Writers on the River in Corvallis Presents Creating While Aging with Priscilla Long This meeting is online only. Join us on Monday, March 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM (Zoom Room Opens at 6:20PM) for author Priscilla Long's online presentation "Creating While Aging: How Knowledge of New Science and Role Models Can Spur us to…

Hybrid Eugene: Finding Your Voice with Gina Ochsner

Eugene Public Library 100 W 10th Ave, Eugene, OR

Willamette Writers Eugene Presents Finding Your Vision, Finding Your Voice with Gina Ochsner A generative, hands-on session for essayists, fiction writers, and prose poets of all experience levels. Explore a variety of out-of-the-box methods to generate and develop ideas and material that reflect your unique experiences, imagination, and voice. We’ll talk about how to cultivate…

Orit Ofri

Orit Ofri serves as the president and chair of the board of Willamette Writers. She leads the organization’s strategic planning, oversees its programs and operations, and is the digital media manager for the organization, leading Willamette Writers's social media, web publishing, and more. As a software engineer and an MBA, Orit works with small businesses, nonprofits, writers, and creative professionals on marketing, strategy, online presence, and business planning. When working with writers, Orit focuses on discovering the writer's brand and building effective and personalized online presence that enhances each writer’s career path and fits the writer’s skill-set and aspirations. Visit oritofri.com for more.