Introducing Ruth Witteried

Note: The member meeting and FiLMLaB discussion takes place at The Old Church on 11th and Clay in downtown Portland on Tuesday, January 6th at 7 pm, NOT the McMenamin’s location mentioned in The Oregonian A&E on January 4, 2015.

Have you met Ruth Witteried, the Executive Producer of the FiLMLaB Competition, yet?

If not, then this video is the perfect way to get her insight into the Willamette Writers’ FiLMLaB, as well as getting some great background into what this unique competition is all about, including the member meeting on January 6th, and the FiLMLaB workshop on January 10th.

Bonus? This video helps you to learn what an amazing person Ruth Witteried is. She’s incredibly enthusiastic about screenwriting and FiLMLaB. She updates the FiLMLaB website every week with new, valuable information, while still finding top-notch judges, directors, and crew for the project. She’s been involved and active from the beginning in order to make sure that the filming process goes as smoothly as possible for the competition and (most importantly) for our winning writer.

(Honestly, I hate to say that more information will be coming up, but trust me. No matter how it turns out…? You’ll want to know what that upcoming information is all about. Ruth Witteried is in the final negotiations for our new director and judges, and–I’m not allowed to say anything definite yet–you’ll want to stick around for who that director and judges will be. You can follow Ruth and FiLMLaB on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and Google+.)

The previous three years have been amazing (check out the films made from our former winning screenplays.) Since it’s FiLMLaB’s fourth R.H. Cohen, the alter ego (and zombie personality) of Ruth Witteriedyear and Willamette Writers fiftieth, Ruth is even more determined to make it one of the best possible short screenwriting events ever.

To top it all off, she teaches screenwriting classes, has been an invaluable source as a former Film Coordinator for the Willamette Writers Conference, and has written a YA novel in the character of R. H. Cohen, a young zombie who breaks the bonds of zombie-dom to create poetry, music…and a website.

Jenny Schrader

Jenny writes Young Adult novels, operates her urban mini-farm, has a passion for knitting, and works for a renown glass artist.