FiLMLaB 2016 At The WWC!

It’s nearly that time of year; half-way through summer when the seeds you sowed last spring are starting to bear fruit. Tomatoes are blushing, cucumbers are ready for pickling and green beans are weighing down the trellis. Or maybe you were sowing a different kind of seed? The kind that needs a fertile mind in which to germinate and that perhaps has been tended to for many springs? If so, then join FiLMLaB at the 2016 WWC, where you can market your creative ‘crops’ and witness the fruit born from the FiLMLaB Contest.

Portlander, Shaun Radecki, won our contest in May, with his short script, UNDIMMED, artfully weaving our contest prompts into the story of Grant, a man so obsessed with time he builds a time machine. And then things got really crazy because at FiLMLaB the experiment is you, the winning writer, as new creative forces come to bear in the production of your script. Shaun embraced the experiment whole heartedly, churning out new versions of the script every time a location or character was added or story element altered. Now titled, INTERCEPT, his story has expanded to reflect the contributions of his fellow collaborators.


Intercept, FiLMLaB 2016

Because the FiLMLaB experiment is also the director, Randall Jahnson, as he seeks a course for his creative vision of the script, and cinematographer Chris Alley, as he determines the best way to capture it. It’s composer, Stan Ridgway as he strives to express the film’s theme musically, and the actors, like the great Ted Rooney, with their own point of view of character, angst and pathos.

Nothing ever goes exactly the way you think it will on a film set. Locations are available, then they’re not. Schedules conflict and critical personnel have to be replaced. A million things can go wrong on any given day. Yet in the chaos of creativity, there is synergy. Some call it alchemy. Some call it magic. You could just as easily call it lunacy, because by the end of it, everyone is feeling a bit ‘touched.’

We invite you to share in our experiment of controlled lunacy by joining FiLMLaB at the 2016 WWC, where Shaun’s film, INTERCEPT,  will debut to Willamette Writers in the Mt. Hood Ballroom, Friday, August 12th (7:30-8:30 pm).

And now that our writer, director, cast and crew have been freed from the lab, feel free to ask them questions in the panel discussion that follows.

We hope to see you there and wish you luck bringing your own creations to the pitch room.