Be Seen, Be Heard, Be a Friend

Willamette Writers Conference logoThis year’s conference gives attendees new ways to network and show off their work.

By now, hopefully, you’re signed up for the 2015 Willamette Writers Conference, Aug 7-9 at the Doubletree by Hilton in Portland. And you probably know about all the exciting new events we have planned, to go along with the rich variety of workshops you’ve come to expect. You may even already have plans to pitch your project to one of our industry buyers – agents, producers and editors – chosen for their track records in getting deals made for writers.

So great, you know all that already. And since you’re so far ahead of the game, I’d challenge you to go a bit further.

Our conference website this year is interactive in a way it never was before; part of the improvement was adding the ability for our attendees to be more “visible.” Once you register, you can create a profile on the site, where you can add bio info, “brag” on your accomplishments, even include portions from your writing! And, while you’re at it, maybe add a photo – some of your colleagues are better with faces than with names. Whether you’re attending the conference to network with other writers, to market yourself and your work to professionals, or just to socialize with your “tribe,” let everyone see you!

WWC-2015_fb-headWe also want to hear from you about this year’s conference – but not only about how you liked the changes we’ve instituted so far, but also about what you’d like to see in the future. Willamette Writers strives to put together the finest, most valuable and relevant writers conference anywhere – that goal requires a lot of ideas. Proactively look for and return the surveys we put out there at the conference, and beyond. Maybe one of your ideas could be the right one for us!

Finally, since you already know most of this, here’s my final challenge to you: tell your friends! Maybe you have writer colleagues, classmates, writing group members, who aren’t going to the conference – heck, maybe they don’t even know about the Conference (can you even imagine?). Just think of what a leader you would be, a trendsetter and influencer, if you took charge and show those people what they’re missing. Not only would you be benefitting them, but – not for nothing – you’d be helping the Conference to grow and get better as well – more attendees means more diversity in workshop offerings, more options for after-hours events, etc.

For that reason, we are prepared to offer leaders and influencers like yourself a token of appreciation for your awesomeness:

From now until Aug 6, for every writer who registers for the first time, and gives us your name as the person who referred him or her, we’ll turn around and thank you with a coupon for a free pitch to any of the Buyers at this year’s Marketplace. And the thought of a leader and valued friend such as yourself striding into the Marketplace to use this token of our appreciation to impress one of our buyers and launching your career- well, that’s the best thing we can envision. (This option is included in the registration page, so be sure that your friend mentions you!)

So, do this! Register. Make yourself visible. Make your ideas heard. Be a friend and refer other writers. Win.

Easy work, for someone like you.

Come tell your story at the Willamette Writers Conference, Aug 7-9.