Young Willamette Writers Prepare for New Year

YWW’s at the Conference

The Young Willamette Writers closed out the summer spectacularly when six members spent a day at the Willamette Writers Conference on August 12. They attended four workshops rangingWilwriteYWW from world-building in science fiction and fantasy, to creating characters with memorable internal conflict. They had informal across-the-table conversations with four fantastic VIP’s who took time out of their very busy days just to encourage them and answer questions. A huge THANK YOU to Eric Witchey, Larry Brooks, Fonda Lee, and Jennifer Lauck! Thank you, too, to Stephanie Raffelock, a YWW friend and mentor, who flew up from southern Oregon to spend the day with our amazing group of YWW members.

Coming Up

Looking forward, our school-year kickoff meeting is September 6. YWW’s always have a work-in-progress, and they’re welcome to bring a few pages to share. Writing prompts are a big hit, too, so there’s a good one planned for this meeting. And prepare for the big reveal about the line-up of speakers for the upcoming year!

Monthly meetings are geared for students in 5th to 10th grades, and are always free, no signups required. Just show up at 7:00 at the Old Church in downtown Portland at SW 11th and Clay on September 6!

Spread the word and bring a friend!

Teresa Klepinger

Teresa Klepinger is the Portland Young Willamette Writers Program Leader. This is a group of young people, ages 13-18, who are passionate about writing and want to learn from authors about developing their craft. Teresa loves working with kids. She is the “Storylady” at the Sherwood Library and conducts creative writing workshops for students. Contact her.