Writing Advice from Willamette Writers

By Rebekah Postupak

In June, the Vancouver Willamette Writers chapter met online to share favorite writing books, conference tips, and goals for the summer. We’ve compiled those terrific ideas to share with the rest of Willamette Writers. Some of these books and ideas are likely very familiar to you, but we hope you find a new nugget to inspire your writing life.

The Best Writing Advice!

  • Jan: “Don’tfight what you write.”
  • Tiffany: “Write your heart before listening to others’ opinions.”
  • Bob: “1. Don’t lose the reader. 2. Don’t bore the reader. 3. Don’t forget Rules 1 and 2.”
  • Carole: “Get your butt in your chair!”

The Best Writing Craft Books!


Writing Advice from Willamette Writers


The Best Writing Conference Advice!

  • Carrie: sit at different tables and sit in places with different people. You’ll gain great knowledge from others. Always move your cheese!
  • Jan: don’t walk the same direction as everyone else-go the other way and see what happens. Look at the conference with a writer’s eyes!
  • Nancy-Lou: some conferences (like AWP) offer fascinating panels I would never have otherwise gone to. Panels broaden your horizons.
  • Kate: easiest opening question is: “what have you been working on?” Second easiest question: “what do you wish you were working on?”
  • Jeanne: Masterclasses are DEFINITELY worth the money!

Most of the advice is simple, but it’s not easy. We truly appreciate being able to share our goals and struggles with our writing community. It eases the often arduous journey of the writer’s life. We hope you have found something helpful, and we look forward to seeing you, online or in-person, at the conference in August!


Writing Advice from Willamette Writers

Photo Credit: Russell J Young