Willamette Writers supports writers!

Statement from the Willamette Writers Board and Executive Director

The mission of Willamette Writers is to support all writers. With this in mind, we want to make it clear that we stand in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) in their strike. We firmly support better contracts for writers and the protection of writer’s work as they share their stories, from the mic to the stage and from the page to the screen. 

How the writer’s strike impacts you

As a writer’s organization, we want to make sure you know what this strike means, as it is impacting our industry.

Here are two introductions to what the writer’s strike means for audiences:



Here is a longer explanation of what it means for writers:


Current concerns are around changes in streaming and artificial intelligence.


If you are currently pitching your work to producers or working in the film industry, please be aware of the rules around pitching and development. If you are not a WGA member, the choices you make now can impact your future WGA status. Check out the WGA’s Strike Rules here: https://www.wgacontract2023.org/strike/strike-rules-faq

Resources for WGA members on strike

The WGA has a section on their website with funds for economic support. Here is the criteria for support:


Pen America also has a fund for assistance for writers:


We support writers!

As an organization, we will continue to support writers far into the future. We’ve been by your side for 58 years. We are here for you! It’s our mission.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the office (wilwrite at willamettewriters dot org) and we will get you pointed toward more answers.