Willamette Writers at the Portland Book Festival

WW at the Portland Book Festival Schedule

Willamette Writers is proud to be participating in the Portland Book Festival on November 4th, 2023 with our friends at Literary Arts. The Portland Book Festival is one of our favorite events of the year — a celebration of books!

Author Signing At The Willamette Writers Table

The festivities begin with our author signing. Meet Willamette Writers members and celebrate your love of stories with us on Saturday, November 4th. You will find us in the Kridel Grand Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum, Booth 1.

Our amazing WW authors include: Avis Adams, Dawn Babb Prochovnic, Maren Bradley Anderson, Curtis C. Chen, Greg Covert, Steve Dodge, Sue Fagalde Lick, Stephanie Feldstein, Linda Ferguson, Susan K. Field, Glenda Goodrich Novella, Dian Greenwood, Erik Grove, Erin Hall, Miriam Hurdle, Jean Jared Agard, Grace Mattioli, Mary Keliikoa, Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, Julie Mathison, Daniel Pease, Jim Sajo, Deni Starr, Bob Sterry, Roni Stinger, Mark Teppo, Ron Turker, Francesca G. Varela, and Cheryl Willis.

Come meet the authors, chat about their process, and find out more about their work. You’ll find them at booth one on Saturday, November 4th.

Get Featured as a WW Writer

Once you’ve gotten your book signed, take the opportunity to meet your Willamette Writers volunteers. Come ask questions, say hi, and get your picture taken for our social media. We would love to highlight the work you are doing. Bring your smile and your questions. We love connecting with our community!

Karaoke with Willamette Writers at Cover to Cover!

This will be a wonderful weeklong celebration.

Don’t forget to join us at the Writer’s Block Karaoke Night, as part of the Portland Book Festival Cover to Cover! Full details are here: https://willamettewriters.org/event/writers-block-karaoke-night/

Come to sing, come to listen, and come to break down that writer’s block!

Writers Block Karaoke Party Graphic

Join Willamette Writers at the Portland Book Festival!

You can find out lots more about the Portland Book Festival here: https://literary-arts.org/about/programs/portland-book-festival/ and more about becoming a Willamette Writers member here.

See you at the Portland Art Museum!