Willamette Writers Conference Success Story – Lux Alani

Lux Alani – Success Story from the 2014 Willamette Writers Conference

Lux Alani, author of Little Vanilla Book

Lux Alani, author of Little Vanilla Book

Lux Alani charmed everyone that she met at the conference, from agents and editors to volunteers and staff to other attendees. We’re so happy and proud to have given her the opportunity to meet other writers and her new agent at the Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency! Congratulations, Lux!

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My purpose is writing. I took a decade to find my voice and recently went all in as an author. Anyone who is madly and purposefully in love with writing knows that it requires great intention and dedication. It’s not easy to make things happen, on the page or in the publishing world. So I created an indie press called Gurl Empire to nurture strong female voices in the personal development field, and self-published Little Vanilla Book, a woman’s empowerment book using the merits of BDSM to cultivate self-love and swagger. Then I went to Willamette Writers Conference to get in front of agents and get my work into the world. I dug the conference, met lovely people, and was a writer-on-a-mission. Within weeks I giddily signed with Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency as Little Vanilla Book was acquired by Beyond Words, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. A giant step toward authordom! Thanks, Willamette!  – Lux Alani

Lux Alani strives to inspire heart-based badasses. She is a keen-eyed chronicler of the human condition, and lays herself bare as an award-winning author who champions everyday heroes. A native Californian, Lux has been a crisis counselor, international model, cultural activist, and friend to child and mutt. Her blog can be found at luxalani.com.