Willamette Writers Author Signing: Valarie J. Anderson

Valarie J. Anderson will be signing books at booth 64 at the Portland Book Festival on November 9th

Willamette Writers Author Signing Valarie J. Anderson Valarie Anderson writes literary non-fiction to indulge her love of research, archaeology, and history. Retiring early, Valarie returned to college, completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology, and has been a member of the Board of Directors for the local archaeological society. She loves to dig up tidbits of history and unearth warriors, wrongdoers, and workaday winners. Writing, learning, family, and friends fill her with joy in the High Desert of Oregon.

The Money Eater exposes the depth of Japan’s espionage effort before the Pearl Harbor attack. Sleeper agent Bernard Otto Kuehn uses his children and hides the truth from his gullible wife for money and ill-begotten fame. Take a journey into America’s past and into the heart of a narcissist.

Willamette Writers Author Signing Valarie J. Anderson-

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