Willamette Writers Author Signing: Teresa Klepinger

Teresa Klepinger will be signing books at booth 39 at the Portland Book Festival on November 10th.

Willamette Writers Author Signing: Teresa Klepinger

Teresa Klepinger believes a dose of imagination can improve just about anything. Her love of storytelling began with “Genie” bedtime stories told by her father, continued through years of teaching elementary school, and stays close to her heart today. She has published Cliffhanger Writing Prompts, and Story-Writing Sandwich Prompts with Scholastic Teaching Resources, and writes picture books, all with the imagination at the heart of the story. She currently leads the Portland Young Willamette Writers.

About her book, Story-Writing: Sandwich Prompts

Looking for a fresh way to motivate writers? Offer them a delectable sandwich writing prompt. These 40 super-fun reproducibles come “preloaded” with a story’s beginning, middle, or end―students supply the rest! When they do, they’ll sharpen writing skills and simply have a blast. Written by a teacher and professional storyteller. Willamette Writers Author Signing: Teresa Klepinger

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