Willamette Writers Author Signing: Rick E. George

Willamette Writers Author Signing Rick E. George Rick E. George will be signing books at booth 64 at the Portland Book Festival on November 9th. Rick E. George has worked as a wildland firefighter, a sportswriter, and an educator. He is the author of Vengeance Burns Hot and Cooper’s Loot, both published in 2019, as well as short stories and poetry. He lives with his wife April in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

Willamette Writers Author Signing Rick E. George- It’s tough enough to battle wildfires and build a relationship at the same time. But when Snoqualmie Pass helitack pilot Ed Kline receives a cryptic plea for help, his life gets even more complicated. To save his missing son Lewis, he must confront a deadly anti-government militia. Find out more.