Willamette Writers Author Signing: Kim Hester

Willamette Writers Author Signing Kim HesterKim Hester will be signing books at booth 64 at the Portland Book Festival on November 9th. Kim Hester has explored Middle Eastern deserts and South Pacific jungles, and the cultures they contain. He uses this experience to craft riveting and profound fiction from which a reader can walk away a better person with a greater understanding of the world. An ex-Marine who once served as editor with the California Department of Education and teaching fellow at Stanford University, he holds a certificate in fiction writing from Gotham Writers’ Workshop and a certificate in novel writing from Stanford University. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Manjula, who is from the Fiji Islands. His hobbies include cycling, hiking, camping, and gardening.

Willamette Writers Author Signing Kim Hester- Judith Sanders lives in the war-torn Middle East, sharing a country with an America-hating, women-despising populace. But her work as a diplomat challenges her to not only stand up to long-held hostilities and prejudices but to do so while maintaining strength of character, femininity, and a deep, abiding love for her husband. Winner of Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. Find out more.