Visual Artists of the Timberline Review

Step into the dreams of the incredible artists that have shared their passion in this new Timberline Review! A picture can serve as a portal between the imagination and our reality, so step with us into our dream journal and meet the people who create our wordless stories. 

David A Goodrum

David A. Goodrum, writer/photographer, lives in Corvallis, Oregon. His poems are forthcoming or have been published in Tar River Poetry, The Inflectionist Review, Passengers Journal, Cathexis Northwest Press, Wild Roof Journal, Eclectica Magazine, among others. His photos have graced the covers of Cirque Journal, Willows Wept Review, Blue Mesa Review, Ilanot Review, and Red Rock Review. Even before his early thirties, he was certain he would never write poetry again. He continues, it seems, to be wrong. About most things. See additional work, both poems and photos, at

Kendall S Cable

Kendall is a registered nurse, former journalist, and writer who splits her time schlepping two rescue cats between the Oregon Coast and Eugene. A lover of photography, 80s new wave and punk music, Halloween, and all things art and nature, she most adores spending time with her friends and loved ones laughing and solving the world’s problems over a French wine or warm coffee.

Kitt Patten

Kitt Patten was an airline pilot for much of her adult life.  When opportunity knocked during the Covid pandemic, she jumped at the chance to retire early so she could live a “second” life – one filled with creative pursuits.  Curious and open to what comes her way, she loves nothing more than to view the ever-wondrous world through a lens, capture it, and get to share it with others. 

We can’t wait for you to see the masterstrokes these artists have created. You’ll see why a picture is worth a thousand words at the beginning of each section of the Timberline Review!