Todd Yunker’s Shackleton’s Folly Available on Amazon

Alec Shackleton and his partner Dancer, a cobalt blue android centaur, penetrate a hot war zone, bust through a planetary defense system, and breaks into a museum. In celebration of their discovery they travel to their favorite watering hole. Alec is well known for his willingness to pay for information on the lost Eleven Wonders of the Universe. During negotiations for a treasure map, Alec’s attention is captured by the beautiful slave girl he did not know. He knew most of the human community for there were less than 20,000 and she was not one of them. The extinction level event of 2267 wipes all life from the surface of the earth. Alec left with the treasure map in hand and the slave girl at his side.

This is the first book of Lost Wonder Series.

Available on Amazon.