Willamette Writers Author Signing: Linnie Thomas

Linnie Thomas will be signing books at booth 39 at the Portland Book Festival on November 10th.

Linnie Thomas, HTCP/I, MLW is a Healing Touch Certified Instructor and Practitioner, a Portland area coordinator for Healing Touch Program and related energy medicine modalities, member of Healing Touch Professional Association, Northwest Writers and Publishers Association, and Willamette Writers. She is the author of The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine, Laws Governing Energy Medicine Practitioners, Pioneers in Healing Touch, and There Is No Hell. She has been an instructor in the field of metaphysics and medical intuition for 40 years and has studied over 200 different programs in energy medicine. She has a private practice in Tualatin Oregon.

About Linnie Thomas’ novel, There Is No Hell

This is the story of one woman’s search for answers to difficult questions about the afterlife, purpose, and why we are here. After a mentor appeared who introduced her to other realms of reality, she became a biofield therapist working with hospice patients. Then she met her first ghost. Find out more.

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