Timberline Review featured in the Review Review

“We Just Want to Publish the Best Work That Comes Our Way.” So begins an article in The Review Review. The article features The Timberline Review, our new literary review, which is currently open to submissions until October 15.

In the article, interviewer Sandy Ebner asks:

You publish writers from all over the country, and the world. Are there specific types of submissions that you look for? Do you focus on emerging, or established writers, or a combination of both?

Wells: It’s a combo. We just want to publish the best work that comes our way. In English.

Field: We’re looking for riveting voices, plain and simple. Stories that engage us immediately and make us want to talk to those writers because they really have something to say about the human condition and the times we live in.

If you have a submission that you’d like to send to The Timberline Review, click here to get started.