Tim Hicks’ Last Stop Before Tomorrow Signing 11/28 in Eugene

Tim Hicks’ new novel, Last Stop Before Tomorrow, is now available (eBook and paper) wherever you buy your books. For those in or near enough to Eugene, Tim will host a book launch party at Tsunami Books in Eugene, (2585 Willamette St.), on Saturday, Nov. 28th at 5:00 p.m., during which he’ll talk about the book and its characters, read selections, and sign copies.

The novel tackles the challenging topic of climate change and our complicated relationship with technology. The characters struggle with the dilemmas we face with creativity and development, accompanied by Pandora and Prometheus who also figure prominently in the story and whose legacy hangs in the balance as they wait to see if the outcome will be tragic or transcendent. Web site LastStopBeforeTomorrow.com is on its way but not quite ready.