The Cast Of 2015 FiLMLaB

Yeah, he’s buff enough to play me.” – Holden Goyette (Billy)

The cast of 2015 FiLMLaB assembled on Sunday, June 28, to breath life into Mark Scarbrough’s winning script, The Robbery. After months of work planning, promoting and executing the Willamette Writers annual FiLMLaB Contest, I got to sit on my ass and watch other people work as they combined their many talents to bring Mark’s story to the big screen.

It was awesome.

Director Michael Parisien set a very ambitious pace for the day long shoot at Paulsen’s Pharmacy in the Hollywood District. Very ambitious.

But with every shot planned and coordinated with his cinematographer, Will Walle, and his assistant director, Alyssa Roehrenbeck, cracking the whip, we wrapped the shoot with daylight to spare.

You’ve met this terrific crew in a previous post–now meet the cast members who breathed life into The Robbery.

The Official Cast of 2015 FiLMLaB

Holden Goyette

Holden Goyette

Holden Goyette (Billy) is nine years old and has been acting since he was five. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, he has had the pleasure of working with Dreamworks, Intel and the Hallmark Channel as well as many local markets. He was recently cast as Francis in the feature film “Zilla and Zoe” and will be making his stage debut with Portland Center Stage this fall in “Our Town”. This is his first experiment with FiLMLaB and was nearly over before it began, until Holden met his alter ego in the form of Dan Kyle and determined that, “Yeah, he’s buff enough to play me.”

Katie Michels

Katie Michels

Katie Michels makes her second appearance ‘in the lab’ as Susan, Billy’s mom, after starring in our very first FiLMLaB production of Alis Volat Propriis (written by Haley Isleib) in 2012. An actor and improvisor, she hails from the back roads of Winthrop, Washington, where she landed the role of “lead jumping bean” at the age of seven in a production of Jack and the Beanstalk. Since that harrowing day she has gone on to perform in commercials, music videos, films, television shows, and on various stages throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, and Canada.

Dan Kyle, a star in the cast of 2015 FilMLaB

Dan Kyle

Dan Kyle (Bug Eyed Bill) is a Navy veteran, born and raised in Portland. He was a union iron worker for eighteen years before he took up acting, training at Actors Lab and The Actor Experiment. He has four films in post-production and is looking forward to a second season (fingers crossed!) of the WWII drama, Combat Report, where he played a brutal SS Officer known as The Butcher. A total pacifist, Dan loves to travel with his wife and dotes on his two dogs. Oh yeah, and he works out. Just a little.

Jake Michels

Jake Michels

Jake Michels (Slacker Jim), doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of the camera these days. When he’s not teaching acting to kids at the Oregon Children’s Theater, he performs with multiple improv groups, including Whiskey Tango , Balrog and J-Names. He also produces two late night shows at Curious – Playground and Fit to Print. He met his wife, Katie Michels, at WSU where he studied English and she studied Theater. Together they make ‘Kake’ and perform as an improv duo.

Now that the film has wrapped, we enter the post production phase where the actors performances are edited together, the audio is perfected, color is corrected and a musical score is added–just a few of the final steps in bringing this story to the screen.

Many thanks to our actors for their hard work and professionalism on a long, hot day, and to our crew for a job well done.

And special thanks, too, to the owners of Paulsen’s Pharmacy, Gary and Carol Balo, for allowing us the use of their store on a Sunday when they could have been home relaxing!

Ruth Witteried

As Visual Media Director, Ruth Witteried works with all programs based in the visual arts, including screenwriting and film production. As Executive Director of the FiLMLaB competition and project, she produced the 2012 FiLMLaB short, Alis Volat Propriis, winner of the 2013 OIFF Best Comedic Short; 2013′s Coffee.Table.Book.; 2014's Unwelcome Guests, and in 2015, The Return of Bug Eyed Bill. She acted as Film Coordinator for the Willamette Writers Conference from 2011-2013 and occasionally teaches screenwriting at Clark College. She currently is Executive Director of Willamette Writers' FiLMLaB. You can follow her on Twitter @sityourassdown1 or Facebook at FiLMLaB. Contact her. (