Terry and Tiffany Jacobs Release MERMAID DROWNING

Available Now: Mermaid Drowning, Terry Jacobs and Tiffany Jacobs

Mermaid DrowningEvelyn has a husband who adores her, three wonderful children, a fulfilling career, and a past which harbors a secret she denies even to herself. After ten years of a perfect marriage, Evelyn’s husband, Sam, discovers her secret within the pages of a forgotten journal. Overwhelmed by a sense of betrayal, he can no longer live with Evelyn and wants her out of his life. As Sam searches through Evelyn’s past, looking for a way to gain full custody of their three children, Evelyn must face her fears and a past of violence and death.

Mermaid Drowning is a powerful story of family upheaval, but at its heart it is far more. It is a riveting and thought-provoking look into the lies we tell ourselves, what it means to be family, and a love that defies the bonds of death.

About the Authors

Terry and Tiffany Jacobs are a husband and wife writing team. They write mainstream fiction focusing on important social issues of our time. They spent their childhoods in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, where they met and married. They moved to Northern California to raise their children, a daughter and two sons. They currently reside in Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley, where they enjoy the lush forests, scenic beaches, and diverse ecology. They are working on their second novel.

Excerpt from the Eugene Weekly’s Review

“Living in seemingly effortless harmony…a couple and their three children are in for a rude awakening. Is an untold truth a lie? Mermaid Drowning is the story of a secret that shouldn’t matter–but does. Equally sentimental and riveting… Mermaid is a primer on tolerance, shaking you to your core in search of accountability for the words that some people put in God’s mouth.”
— Adrian Black, Eugene Weekly

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