Spring Fling for Willamette Writers at Attic Institute

Spring Fling at the AtticIf you’ve been looking for a great excuse, I mean, opportunity to delve deeply into your writing and prepare for the Willamette Writer’s Conference under the watchful eye of a fabulous teacher, look no further. The Attic Institute, at 40th & Hawthorne, offers workshops in many literary genres: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and essay, led by Natalie Serber, Matthew Dickman, Karen Karbo, Brian Benson, Jennifer Dorner and more!

Not only are the teachers fabulous, but The Attic Institute has also made Willamette Writers members a fabulous offer — a $25 voucher/discount on the spring classes listed below. This is the time to dive in and get your writing ready for the conference this summer with the following workshops:

Attic Workshops

     Natalie Serber’s Personal Essay Workshop | Apr 5 – May 24
     Brian Benson’s Craft of Creative Nonfiction Workshop | Apr 7 – May 26
     WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Karen Karbo’s Kick Start Your Writing Practice Workshop | Apr 8-10
     WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Matthew Dickman’s Boot Camp Poetry Workshop |Apr 15-17
     Jennifer Dorner’s New Writers Workshop | Apr 17 – May 22
     Brian Benson’s Writing to Your Strengths Workshop | May 17 – June 21

When you register, indicate that you are paying by check, then email carol [at] the atticinstitute [dot] com for a Willamette Writer’s discount. That’s $25 in your pocket that you can put toward your conference registration! Or add another pitch to that agent from Chicago. Or just grab yourself one gigantic triple espresso to fuel that writing fire.

About the Attic Institute

As the Attic website explains, “At the Attic, students gather to make and share new pieces of writing. We are dedicated to engaging ways to create, explore, and innovate, to generating and participating in essential and lively conversation about the creative process and the publication of new work, and to reflecting on ideas, the imagination, and civic life, as well as on artistic, cultural, and social experience.”


The Attic Institute is located at 4232 SE Hawthorne Boulevard. Register online at http://atticinstitute.com/classes or call 503-236-0615.