Script-to-Screen Has Another Finalist

OK, so, here’s the thing: during our initial judging this past month, we had an email with some script submissions that did the electronic equivalent of falling behind a file cabinet and getting lost. We moved on while we were trying to sort it out, but then finally found the scripts this past week. We quickly asked our judges to reconvene to review the additional scripts, and the result: we have a fifth finalist in our competition!

Please join us in congratulating writer Christine Thackeray, whose comedy script, “When Inspiration Strikes,” follows a group of storyteller friends searching for their muses while the deadline of a writing contest looms.

As with the other finalists, Christine now will have the opportunity to discuss her script with our director Christopher Alley and professional screenwriter Randall Jahnson, and the option to submit a rewrite of her script based on those conversations and notes. Christine has until Thursday, April 25 to send in her rewrite, at which point her script will be forwarded on to catch up with the other four finalists already being read by our celebrity judges in Los Angeles.

Our apologies to Christine for the confusion, and to the other finalists for the delay, but we wanted to make sure to give a fair shot to everyone who took the time to submit a script to our contest. Best wishes and good luck to all- we should have a winner to announce in a few weeks!

-Stefan Feuerherdt, Conference Chair

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