Member News: New Novel to be Published

Rod Williams, writer head shot

Rogue Phoenix Press is publishing Rod Williams’ new novel, The Light Don’t Shine No More on Sept. 22, 2020.

The book tells the story of the Demeter family of Greenstone, Colorado on the occasion of the matriarch’s death. Three very different sons confront their past conflicts in the emotionally charged atmosphere of their mother’s memorial service. One woman connects them all, in complex and mysterious ways.

Rachel Demeter—widow, mother, highly respected pillar of Greenstone, Colorado—has died. When her three sons gather for her funeral, old family tensions, rivalries, and grievances resurface. Robert, the oldest, heir to his late, domineering father’s investment firm, is a straight-arrow businessman with political ambitions. Thomas is a creative free spirit who has forged his own life in Florida, away from “the family drama.” Benjamin is the youngest, once the brother with the most promise but now suffering from a disabling head injury. At the center is Rob’s wife, Violet, a strong-willed woman whose past is somewhat clouded in mystery. Family secrets slowly come to light as the Demeter brothers search for ways to reconnect and mourn their mother’s passing.

Available as an e-book and a quality softcover. Find further announcements and ongoing writing tips/dialogues here.