Randall Jahnson and FiLMLaB Screenwriting Workshop

Screenwriting Workshop

Randall Jahnson Screenwriting workshop

Willamette Writers and FiLMLaB invite you to join us for an online screenwriting workshop with Randall Jahnson.


Date: Saturday, April 21st

Time: 12-2PM

Cost: Free

Open to the public

This is an online workshop

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About Randall Jahnson

Visual Writing with Randall Jahnson

Randall Jahnson

Randall Jahnson has written more than 20 feature-length screenplays.

Not all have been made into movies. Most, in fact (and arguably his best work), rest on shelves at various Hollywood studios. Perhaps they’ve been lucky enough to find a purpose other than gathering dust; maybe some are serving as doorstops, others as coasters for a development exec’s coffee mug.

The scripts that have made it to the screen include Dudes (1987), The Doors (1991), The Mask of Zorro (1998), Sunset Strip (2000), and two episodes of HBO’s Tales From the Crypt: “Television Terror” (1990) and “King of the Road” (1992).

He also wrote Gun, an epic Western video game, which was voted Best Story at the 2005 IGN Video Game Awards.