Peter Sears, Poet Laureate, at Willamette Writers

Peter Sears – Poet Laureate of Oregon

Peter Sears will be speaking at the Willamette Writer’s Coast Chapter in Newport, OR in October. For more information, check out our Calendar and the Coast Chapter’s website.

Peter also taught a workshop at Willamette Writers on the River in Corvallis in July. He read from his own work, and then provided writing prompts for the audience. For those who brought drafts of their writing, he provided instant and valuable feedback.

Oregon Humanities produced this video of Peter’s work, which includes footage from Peter’s workshop at our Willamette Writers on the River Chapter. Enjoy the video, and come out to the coast to hear more from Peter this October.

Jenny Schrader

Jenny writes Young Adult novels, operates her urban mini-farm, has a passion for knitting, and works for a renown glass artist.