New Release — Writer’s Guide to Medicine

Natalie Dale
A Writer's Guide to Medicine

Comas and blood loss and morgues, oh my!

Hillsboro author Natalie Dale, MD, is pleased to announce that the first volume of her Writer’s Guide to Medicine series was published by Ranunculus Press on December 4th, 2021. Available in Kindle, Nook, and paperback.

From injuring your character to depicting scenes set in the morgue, let Dr. Natalie Dale be your guide to writing about medicine.

Medicine is a world unto itself; lives can be changed in an instant, and decisions are truly life-or-death. But it’s also a bizarre and alien world, full of unique settings, confusing acronyms, and a confounding array of different conditions. No wonder writers love to write about medicine. No wonder they get it wrong.

In the Writer’s Guide to Medicine, Dr. Dale shows you how to accurately depict the world of medicine in your writing and points out the most common clichés and medicine-related pitfalls. In Volume 1: Setting & Character, you’ll learn:

  • How medical professionals approach an emergency
  • Key sensory details for unique medical settings
  • How to avoid medical clichés.
  • Facts about death and dying
  • Specifics about comas, consciousness, and the infamous “medically-induced coma”
  • The truth about hospital food
  • And more!

Natalie Dale graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from the Chicago Medical School in 2016 and started residency in Neurology at Oregon Health Sciences University shortly thereafter. While struggling with a new diagnosis of bipolar disorder, she took a leap of faith and left residency to focus on her life-long passion: writing. Since then, her short stories and essays have been published in Flash Fiction Magazine, Wyldblood, Breath & Shadow, READ White & Blue Anthology, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), among others. In her spare time, Natalie organizes an elementary school reading program, runs a 9Bridges writing critique group, and plays violin in the Westside Community and Youth Orchestra.

Find out more. Follow Natalie on Twitter: @DaleNatalie, and Instagram: natalierose6627