New Release — Travels with Kimchi

Travels with Kimchi
Rebecca Harrison

Rebecca Harrison’s Travels with Kimchi released in August 2021. She writes:

As soon as I stepped off the airplane, I realized I was not home anymore. “English? English?” I spoke to anyone who passed by me. What have I gotten myself into on this trip? I stared desperately into the blank faces that watched me while I walked, chattering to myself. I decided that I would not have a Hangeul enlightenment and suddenly be able to read the unfamiliar cryptic lines, curves on all the walls, symbols, and doorways. (It is also spelled Hangul or Han’gŭl, in an alphabetic system used for writing the Korean language. Hangeul means great script in Korean. ‘Han’ means great, and ‘geul’ means script.)

Harrison is a maritime researcher and world traveler. She has based most of her books and publications on these adventures. Find out more here.