New Release — Seal Rock Sound

Seal Rock Sound
Sue Fagalde Lick

Sue Fagalde Lick, co-founder of Willamette Writers’ coast chapter, has published Seal Rock Sound, the sequel to her novel Up Beaver Creek. PD is back! Both novels take place on the central coast between Newport and Waldport.

PD Soares survived the death of her husband, relocation to Oregon, and the disasters that occurred shortly after her arrival at her new home up Beaver Creek Road. Now she can relax and pursue her music career and maybe even a little romance, right?

Wrong. New challenges are coming like sneaker waves. Can you love a man who doesn’t love himself? What is wrong with her mother? And how do you recover when the town that calls itself “the friendliest” proves not so friendly after all? Our red-haired, piano-playing heroine is tough, but is she tough enough?

Of course she is, but it won’t be easy.

This is Lick’s 12th book and her first attempt at a sequel. She says the more she writes, the more she is aware of mistakes she needs to avoid. With a sequel, it’s even trickier because every detail has to be consistent with what was written in the previous book. Were Donovan’s eyes blue or green? Which one of Janey’s boyfriends helped her move? Did the house PD and Janey shared have a fireplace, wood stove or radiator? Conflicting details can destroy a good story.

She credits beta readers and Allison K. Williams’ book Seven Drafts with getting her through the revision process. Now she’s making notes to start the third book in the series during NaNoWriMo because these characters are too good to let go. You can order both Up Beaver Creek and Seal Rock Sound in paperback and ebook now.

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