New Release — Greater Vegas Bleeds into The Dreams of My Cryogenic Slumber

Greater Vegas...

Kenneth M Cale’s third chapbook, Greater Vegas Bleeds into The Dreams of My Cryogenic Slumber, was published through Steel Incisors on March 5th 2022.

Building on the style and approach of Cale’s two previous chapbooks, Midnight Double Feature and elsewhen, Greater Vegas… is a full-color mix of collage and poetry, and is described by Zak Ferguson, author of The System Compendium and founder of Sweat Drenched Press, as “…the in-between state we are striving for… and so much more.”

A hybrid work in many senses, Greater Vegas… combines prose and poetry, as well as analog and digital styles of collage. It features ekphrastic works inspired by the movies Eyes Wide Shut and Under the Skin, as well as a homage to Gertrude Stein, and a poem erasing both the British national anthem, God Save The Queen, and the Sex Pistols song of the same name.

Greater Vegas… can be read both as a collection of individual works or as an odyssey of sorts through a literally wired psyche – one loosely based on that of Daniel Feeld, the main character in the 90s BBC drama Cold Lazarus, whose frozen disembodied head regains sentience and realizes his memories are being broadcast as entertainment by a powerful media company.

The first release in the ‘milk teeth’ chapbook series from Steel Incisors, a UK-based publisher of innovative visual poetry, Greater Vegas… follows full-length collections from SJ Fowler, Dan Power, Reverse Butcher, and Steel Incisors founder James Knight, as well as an anthology of apocalyptic visual poetry, The Mouth of a Lion, which also includes two works from Cale.

About the author: Kenneth M Cale lives in southern Oregon. His chapbooks include Greater Vegas Bleeds into the Dreams of my Cryogenic Slumber (Steel Incisors, 2022), elsewhen (Ghost City Press, 2020), and Midnight Double Feature (Sweat Drenched Press, 2020). Recent work can be found in Train and Where is the River. You can find him on Twitter: @kmcale81.