New Release — Flyboy and the Light-Speed Rangers

Wayne Hanson
Flyboy and the Light-Speed Rangers

Wayne Edward Hanson’s new novel, Flyboy and the Light-Speed Rangers, has just released.

Ambrose Biggle — weeding his artichokes one afternoon — was hit by lightning. He floundered in what appeared to be warm snow, struggling to put white thoughts together as strange ideas leaked in. One of those ideas became the Biggle Drive – which might enable light-speed travel. But near-light-speed travel changes everything and that’s not always a good idea. Then Biggle disappeared, leaving a scribbled notebook that didn’t make sense.

The military assembled a crew — which included John who has a perfect memory, and flies a vintage warplane plus the occasional insect, Yippee who had a bad attitude and big attractions, Spork the Shrink, Tyrell, an ex-Marine who can make things disappear, and Ezra, a homeless alcoholic who bought a superfund site for one dollar — to continue Biggle’s mission.

The crew explores strange universes that appear as one approaches light speed, but discover that the military implanted them with mental kill switches, the Russians try to butt in, and Biggle reappears with his own agenda. The universe is about to experience “The Big Rip” says Biggle, and BLOOIE! everything will disappear forever. Biggle has a plan but is anybody listening? Crewmembers now have godlike capabilities but short attention spans and a lot of stupid ideas.

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