New Release – Don’t Be Sad When I’m Gone

Don't Be Sad When I'm Gone Book Cover
Beatriz Dujovne

Beatriz Dujovne’s new book, Don’t Be Sad When I’m Gone: A Memoir of Loss and Healing in Buenos Aires, was recently released.

About the Author: Dr. Dujovne was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and has lived most of her adult life in the American Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. She received a license in Clinical Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri.

About the Book: Don’t Be Sad When I’m Gone: A Memoir of Loss and Healing in Buenos Aires is a transparently written memoir that transcends death and grief and becomes equally about life. Love, anger, death, grief, joy, humor, two cultures and two times — past and present — are all intertwined from the Introduction to the Epilogue of this book.

We follow the author, a psychologist and tango dancer, to Buenos Aires from her present home in Portland, OR. There, she journeys after the death of her lifelong husband. She knows that grief is much more than suffering, that it can’t get resolved simply with the passage of time. She also knows that to emerge whole she needs to undergo the intrapsychic work psychotherapy offers.

We partake in the experiences she actively creates to reinvent herself as a sole person in the world while visiting those special spots where her love affair with her husband bloomed and took hold. We follow as she goes inside her psychotherapy sessions, responds to the passionate life force of the city, and embraces its warm habitants. We watch her emerging from the ashes enriched.

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