New Release — Bad Mommy, Bad Writer

Bad Mommy Bad Writer book cover

On June 8, Kim Cooper Findling releases her memoir about raising a writing career alongside the kids.

Bend, Oregon – The pandemic made working from home while caring for small children all too real for many parents. Growing a career alongside the kids is at once impossibly difficult, positively hilarious, and just rewarding enough to keep you from walking out on the job. A new memoir releasing June 8, 2021, Bad Mommy Bad Writer: Writing From Home While Keeping the Kids Alive, follows one woman’s quest to make something of herself already—during naptime.

Author Kim Cooper Findling is a publisher, editor and author of many books, but not too long ago she was just a mother of young kids trying to get her career off the ground. The story begins: Me: Mother, wife and writer watching forty climb the front steps like a peddler pushing time, and me with nowhere to hide.

“This book was my pandemic project,” says author Kim Cooper Findling. “My children and I were all home together again, and it reminded me of the early days of my career when I’d been so desperate to become an author while also determined to stay home with my daughters. As every parent knows, this methodology delivers mixed results on a daily basis.”

At turns hilarious, heartwarming, inspiring and irreverent, Bad Mommy Bad Writer is an examination of what it takes to make it as a writer, an honest look at the messy and lovable business of parenthood, and a deep dive into the daily conflict every work-from-home parent faces—self vs. family. “There were highly entertaining stories I wanted to tell from that time, for my children but also for myself. I’d really become quite burned out in my career by the Covid days and needed to remind myself how hard I’d worked for it, and how badly I’d wanted it. My hope is that this story will be inspiring to others in similar situations.” Bad Mommy Bad Writer is a story of having it all: of going hard after your dreams while keeping a sharp eye on job number one—those precious darlings who really could care less about your deadlines.

This is Kim Cooper Findling’s eighth book. Her previous titles include Day Trips to the Oregon Coast, Chance of Sun and The Sixth Storm, with Libby Findling. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, three teenagers, two cats and a betta fish named Romeo.

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