New Release — Back Up

Marshall Welch
Back Up

Marshall Welch’s new novel, Back Up, released on July 1.

This is the story of Bessie James — a singer/songwriter first introduced in the prequel Back Story who is living her life from the inside out. She takes a detour from her rocky road to fame and fortune. Along the way she encounters a number of curious people and events including sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, a UFO, the Zen of cigars, the Three Stooges, a long forgotten teen idol, a glimpse of Nirvana, a matriarch bookkeeper who wields a shotgun, the shadow of a song she recorded, and a gentleman farmer who helps her find her way home.

Back Up is story about a sense of place where cookies and milk somehow make everything all right. The songs in the story come to life by scanning a smartphone over QR codes embedded on the pages.

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