Member News: Writing Horses

An exploration of the horse-human interface, writing, and the creative process

Saturday, May 4 2019, 10:00 am-5:00 pm at Rocking B Farms in Ridgefield, WA (30-45 minutes from Portland, OR, 20 minutes from Vancouver, WA).

Writers and horse lovers of all levels of experience are welcome!

From an early age horses develop connections with their herd mates. With their “sixth sense” horses understand what they can trust in their environment and learn to feel the correctness in their actions and the actions of others.

They teach us that if we are willing to listen to these feelings, they will provide the answers we need.

Similar qualities are important in writing. In the flow of writing, we might have a “sixth sense” about where the piece wants to go, or the changing relationships among characters. Sometimes when our conscious minds are not sure what comes next, a felt sense deep within can help guide the pen across the paper, or our fingers on the computer keyboard.

In this retreat, two highly social mammalian species will join together.

After an orientation to Rocking B Farms and the Amherst Writers & Artists approach, we will do several exercises in herd with horses and other humans. We will write what arises, and share our writing as much or as little as we wish. We’ll have a delicious, catered lunch, enjoy 45 minutes of free time on the grounds to observe horses being horses in their pasture (and write if desired), and gather together for a final human sharing. Please note that we will not be riding the horses but will be sharing activities with them up close.

Snacks, tea/coffee and lunch are provided.

Early bird special (up until April 8) is $150. After April 8 the cost is $175. Refunds (minus any applicable processing fee) are possible until April 20.

Cathy Mahon is the founder of Life Lessons with Horses ( She is a dedicated teacher, facilitator and coach. She will facilitate and support the horse-human interactions.

Ruth Leibowitz is a certified Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) facilitator. She is a writer who loves to be part of the magic that happens when people create in herd. She will facilitate the human writing processes. Find out more.