Member News: World Premiere of Trans-Formation

World Premiere play about transgender Christine Jorgensen

Poster for TRANS-formation

Who was George/Christine Jorgensen? In 1947, after leaving the military, Georgestepped onto a ship and headed to Copenhagen to begin the process of transitioning from male to female. Of course there were others before George to do this; Lili Elbe is well known and documented in the movie The Danish Girl. But, Lili did not get to live as a person she felt and knew she was. Whereas George successfully transitioned from George to Christine and became a sensation when she flew back to America in 1952, stepping off a plane all the bit a woman. The play, written by Donnie is the first to be written and produced about George/Christine.

NOTE: This show will be produced in conjunction with MADNESS OF LADY BRIGHT by playwright, Lanford Wilson.

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